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Here's what people are saying about HuggaMind
baby symbolizer by HuggaMind is featured in Babble's Top 25 Baby Care Appsbabble top 25 baby care apps
Baby Symbolizer is featured in Babble's "Top 25 Baby Care Apps"
"Babies will be mesmerized by the simplicity, imagery, and the sounds." Link to Page >
HuggaMind and products, Baby Symbolizer, Baby Quilt Mat, and My Baby Mobile is featured on Channel 6 Action ABC News
HuggaMind and its products are featured in a broadcast news story, "A Toy for the Newborn Mind," and interview HuggaMind President, Mies Hora.
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bluum uses baby symbolizer by HuggaMind in the november bluum box
Baby Quilt Mat is now at the Official National Quilt Museum store and is also available for purchase at their online store.

Link to Page >
bluum uses baby symbolizer by HuggaMind in the november bluum box
Baby Symbolizer app is given as a gift to hundreds of mothers throughout the US and over seas through the 'bluum Box'.

Link to Page >
HuggaMind gives away baby sybmolizer and a baby quilt mat is mothers
With the help of The Cute Kid: The Online Destination for Talent Agents and Parents, mothers submitted photographs of their children into HuggaMind for free gifts of Baby Symbolizer and a chance to have their child named 'The Face of Baby Symbolizer'.

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The iPhone App Review of Baby Symbolizer
"Parents will love this app... amazing!"
"Awesome app that will dazzle your infant! I don't think parents
can afford to skip it."

- theiphoneappreview.com (Baby Symbolizer review)
Video Review >
The iPhone App Review of Baby Symbolizer
"All around neat experience… This was my child's favorite. I guarantee that your young one is going to truly enjoy this learning and development experience".

- dailyappshow.com (Baby Symbolizer review) Video Review >
Baby Symbolizer Review by Fresh Apps
"Everything about this app is well-done and very nicely produced... great app at a great price."

- freshapps.com (Baby Symbolizer review) Link to Review >
Baby Symbolizer Review by Fresh Apps
"Really interesting for new parents who want to know everything about babies and want their baby to always be safe and healthy. ."

- iphonefootprint.com (Baby Symbolizer review) Link to Review >
Baby Symbolizer Review by Fresh Apps
Baby Symbolizer featured in the 'Friday Findings' on TheiPhoneMom.com
Link to Page >
"This is truly a bargain...the designers really understand what babies enjoy and what pleases parents most."
-by Rob & Jeanne (Baby Symbolizer review)
"My little guy is having a blast with it. Gifted the app to a few other young couples I know for their young ones and they love it too.
My wife and I are all about high-contrast stuff right now and this app certainly takes the cake from what else I've come across."

-by Rockin'Dad (Baby Symbolizer review)
"This is the real thing! A superior app that looks great, delights my baby with unique sounds, and interacts as promised - nice extra content too. Bravo!!"
-by BabyBuddyMommy (Baby Symbolizer review)
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HuggaMind, Inc. Introduces High tech Interactive Apps and Playthings for Baby
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Brain Stimulation for Babies is Focus of New Mobile App Using Universal Symbols and Sounds. Full Press Release >
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